Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Removal for the City of Brevard

Seeing black mold can be a stressful situation for a homeowner in Brevard. Don't touch or attempt to clean it yourself when you see this much mold. It's better ... READ MORE

Storm Cleanup in Brevard Home

This home had roof damage after a storm hit. The water flooded this room and bed leaving a big mess with moisture and insulation. Storm Damage Cleanup We remove... READ MORE

Brevard Fire Restoration Before and After

The fire restoration efforts of this home didn't look so bad but the smoke damage was a lot worse than it looked. Restoring a Brevard home after fire damage can... READ MORE

How does water damage affect flooring?

Water can affect flooring in different ways and are addressed by our certified and trained technicians. This bathroom floor is tile and should be able to be cle... READ MORE

Cleaning up after the storm!

When the storm hit this home in Palm Bay, the roof was damaged and the front room was flooded. The ceiling had caved in leaving a big mess in the room. In order... READ MORE

How do you keep black mold from growing?

Mold can be found wherever there is water. Water damage problems from a flood or a burst pipe will have mold growing on organic materials within just a couple o... READ MORE

Halls and Ceiling Covered in Soot

There was a company in Melbourne where an electrical fire had caused smoke to leave soot all throughout the halls and covering the ceiling. SERVPRO OF South Bre... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Effects Entire Indialantic Condo

This Indialantic resident had an electrical fire in the kitchen resulting in the entire condo being consumed with fire, smoke, and soot. With an actice fire on ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Rockledge, FL

This commercial building experienced a large water loss due to a pipe bursting. Notice in the before picture of the lobby, the green carpet is extra green in mo... READ MORE

Storm Damaged an Ocean Front Condo in Melbourne Beach, FL

This Melbourne Beach resident came home to his living room looking like a pool! Unknowing the source at first the homeowner acted fast and turn off the water an... READ MORE