Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Cleanup in Brevard Home

This home had roof damage after a storm hit. The water flooded this room and bed leaving a big mess with moisture and insulation. Storm Damage Cleanup We remove... READ MORE

Cleaning up after the storm!

When the storm hit this home in Palm Bay, the roof was damaged and the front room was flooded. The ceiling had caved in leaving a big mess in the room. In order... READ MORE

Storm Damaged an Ocean Front Condo in Melbourne Beach, FL

This Melbourne Beach resident came home to his living room looking like a pool! Unknowing the source at first the homeowner acted fast and turn off the water an... READ MORE

Rook Leak Turns into Mold in Suntree, FL

This Suntree family's home experienced a some roof damage during a summer thunderstorm. Since the roof leak was minuscule, the ceiling in the living room did no... READ MORE

Condominium Water Damage in Indialantic, FL

An Indialantic condominium was a victim of one of Florida's many thunderstorms. Three unit owners experienced water damage, which was caused by a roof leaking i... READ MORE

Flood Damage Melbourne - Bathroom storm damage

Melbourne Flood Damage - We received a call late in the evening and came right out only to find flooding all over the home including the master bath. We removed... READ MORE