Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Ceiling fell due to storm

Fallen ceiling due to storm

Storms do happen and we try to be prepared for them. Sometimes if it rains too much it can cause the soil to be drenched and trees can fall on your home. There is a large variation of storm damage that can happen from trees falling, roofs coming off, flooding, and power loss. If you experience any type of storm damage our expert team and we will make it feel "Like it never even happened."

Trees Cause Property Damage

While storm damage may not happen as often was water or fire damage; we are prepared and here to help you. SERVPRO is open 24/7, 365 days a year! We are ready to be on a call with you.

Living room with fallen ceiling drywall

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm damage is hard to clean at times because of all the damage that can occur. The roof of this building needed to have emergency tarps placed to keep out the elements. Once in place, we were able to begin the cleanup and drying process of this Melbourne home.

Wet ceiling drywall, some ceiling missing and fallen

Storm Cleanup in Melbourne

After a storm hits Melbourne, roof leaks can be common.

Why do we remove material after a flood or storm?

Bacteria and contaminates from the outside are not good to be in your home. The bacteria will begin to grow and be more difficult to disinfect over time.

Storm Damage in Indian Harbor Beach, FL

This Indian Harbor Beach home was affected by a Florida thunderstorm this past July. The roof was affected by the storm and cause a roof leak, which seeped through to the ceiling drywall. The homeowners called SERVPRO of South Brevard, and our crew came out and tore out the affected ceiling. Since the attic was still damp, the technicians placed several air movers to dry it out. Once dried, our SERVPRO construction team was able to come and replace the ceiling. The homeowner was so pleased that SERVPRO of South Brevard could take care of the entire job including both mitigation and construction.

Rain Damage in Melbourne Beach, FL

These Melbourne Beach residence suffer from rain water entering their garage and parts of their home due to a large Florida thunderstorm. When we arrived to the property this was the aftermath of the storm in their garage. All the items close to the floor of the garage was affect by the rain water and needed to sorted and determined to its salvageable or not. Our technicians at SERVPRO of South Brevard work though the night to get this Melbourne Beach home dried.  The family was very grateful that we were able to recover their home a few days later.

Storm Damages Building in Melbourne, FL

This Melbourne Commercial Building suffered a roof leak during a Florida Thunderstorm this summer. The roof leak allowed the water enter the roof which seeped through the ceiling tile. Ultimately, the water leaked all over the office desks below and on the floor. This water leak through the roof lasted all night and cause several office floors to have water damage. 

If your business has been damaged by severe floods or storms, call us right away at 321-777-5131. Disaster can strike when we least expect it, but SERVPRO of South Brevard will be there to help you weather the storm.

Storm Damage in Merritt Island, FL

This family's Merritt Island residence suffer sever damages when a Florida thunderstorm ran through Brevard County. The large hole in the roof was cause by a lightning strike that resulted in the a fire and the collapsing of the entire roof in their home office. The aftermath of the lightning strike caused damaged all throughout the house due to rainfall, the fire and the fire department trying to put of the fire. Storm damage and lightning strike cannot be predicted, in order to be prepare be sure you know who to call to come to the rescue and help you make your home look "Like it never even happened."