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5 Essential Burn First Aid Tips

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

Bandage the wound

5 Essential Burn First Aid Tips

When you think of fire damage, charred property and soot buildup requiring professional cleanup and restoration may be the first images that come to mind. Intense heat and flames can, however, also singe clothing and flesh. Employees that work with flammable liquids and other ordinary combustibles may be particularly vulnerable to burns. Regardless of the nature of your West Melbourne, FL, business, burn first aid is valuable knowledge that can be extremely useful, especially in emergency situations.

1. Recognize When To Call 911

Burns can range from minor to serious. If the skin appears charred or dry and leathery, call 911 for emergency assistance. You should also seek immediate medical care if the wound is larger than three inches in diameter or affects a major joint, your feet, hands, face, buttocks or groin.

2. Cool the Burn

You can treat smaller burns that present with superficial redness by applying simple first aid techniques. Begin by applying a cold compress or running cool water over the affected area. Because excessively cold fluid can cause further irritation and damage, refrain from using ice packs or cold water.

3. Remove Jewelry

Topical fire damage may cause swelling. Because of this, remove rings and other jewelry from the affected site.

4. Apply Ointment

To soothe and protect damaged skin, apply a petroleum-based ointment. Aloe vera may also be effective. Avoid using lotions, oils, creams and butter, which may contain irritating ingredients or cause an infection.

5. Bandage the Wound

To further protect the area, loosely wrap the wound in sterile gauze. Refrain from using cotton dressings that may stick to the skin’s surface.
As you bandage the wound, take caution around any existing blisters. Although they may appear unsightly, blisters can protect the site from infection and should never be intentionally popped.
Burns are a form of fire damage that require prompt attention. First aid can help everyone recognize the severity of the wound and administer the most appropriate care.

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